Spirits Offerings

Shaw-Ross continues to evolve its portfolio to keep ahead of the ever changing wine & spirit industry. This strategy has enabled Shaw-Ross to grow into one of the leading import companies in the United States with multi-million case sales.

Shaw-Ross’ spirit portfolio is tightly focused and offers a matchless selection of brands in each category.

The Brandy category is represented by Cardenal Mendoza, the No. 1 Solera Gran Reserva Brandy from Jerez and Romate Solera Reserva Brandy from the same stable.

 Pussers Original Navy Rum, Barcelo Dominican Rum and Dominican Club give strength and variety to our collection of rums.

Strega, the unique Italian Liqueur , Strega Sambuca and Strega Limoncello represent Italy while Pisco Capel from Chile, Aguardiente Cristal and Ron Viejo from Columbia offer a typically South American flavor

Glengoyne Single Malt Whiskies and Old Smuggler Scotch cover the spectrum from the finest malts to a blended whiskey with an unsurpassed quality to value ratio.

Wild Shot Mezcal, owned by country music megastar Toby Keith, adds excitement and glamor.

Finally our Gaetano offers a full range of Schnapps and Cordials at affordable prices.

Shaw-Ross is proud of its spirit portfolio and will continually strive to offer today’s consumer an interesting and relevant selection.