romate cream sherry

Sanchez Romate, established in 1781, is the world-renowned house for producing fine brandies and Sherries. With the awakening interest of Sherries across the country, Romate has increased its emphasis on exporting Sherries to the U.S.

Cream Sherry: Dark mahogany hue. Fruit aromas with hints of oak. On the palate, it is smooth, sweet and velvety. A perfect example of harmonious balance.

Tasting Notes

Type: Cream

Ageing: 5+ years

Grapes: Palomino Fino and PX

Colors: Mahogany, bright, pleasant.

Aromas: Round, hints of oak, fruity aroma.

Flavors: Smooth, sweet, velvety.

Gastronomy: Dessert wine or with pastries.



Romate Sherries



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