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The effects of the war in Europe caused the Botran Merino brothers to start a pioneering journey from Spain in the early 20's. They were seduced by Guatemala's beautiful land and eventually took over Licorera Quezalteca, introducing themselves to the spirits world thus, imprinting their desire to only create the best rums. Botran Rum is a story of commitment: growing our own varieties of sugar cane with unique characteristics passed on by Guatemala's unique soil, aging our rum in high altitude in the city of  Quetzaltenango, and using only pure-sugar cane juice, with no other additives, like only 3% of the  world’s rums are made. Botran's three foundation include: Virgin Sugarcane Juice, Pure Virgin sugar cane juice as done by only 3% of the  world’s rums; Terroir, Guatemala’s terroir characteristics (vertisol soil which is  found in only 2% of the World's  surface); Family Legacy, a story of commitment to making one of the best rums in the World.