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F.W. Langguth


We are now harvesting the grapes for our Blue Nun wine for the 90th year. In those ninety years much has happened. From the vine to maturing in the cellars, Peter Sichel´s family has worked to continually improve the quality of the wine. Domiciled in the city of Mainz on the Rhine, they have adopted the tradition of the monasteries of the Rhineland – from which the name Blue Nun is derived. The basis for the exceptional quality of Blue Nun wines are the grapes and the vintages from our own vineyards. Our unique method of processing the selected grapes, known as SICHEL SUPERIOR VINIFICATION, ensures that the high quality of the grapes is reflected in every glass of Blue Nun.

The large and ripe vintage of 1921 was also inspiration for the idea of creating a wine that would satisfy the expectations of wine lovers in every year. A wine with a full-bodied flavor, rich aroma and mild acidity; a wine that could easily gain friends and loyal consumers.

The first target market for this special wine was 1920s London, a city famous for a wide range of high-class wines from all over the wine-producing world of that era. In this milieu, Blue Nun embodied “the best of Germany”. Thanks to its outstanding quality and unsurpassed taste Blue Nun gained more and more followers in many countries, and today it can be found in over 70 countries of the world. With this, Blue Nun is drunk in more countries than any other German wine. Blue Nun: a diamond in the wine business.

Today the family of Franz Wilhelm Langguth is responsible for this wonderful wine and is serving it worldwide.

Over the course of nine decades, Blue Nun has touched the lives of many people. It has accompanied numerous encounters, many happy times and joyful celebrations. It has become a constant and dependable companion.

The famous Rhineland white has now given birth to a whole family of wines. Different colors, various provenances, but still, as always, linked by its label to the blue nun. Ninety years of success is the occasion to give expression to the exceptional quality of Blue Nun with a timeless wine label. This now features an eye-catching diamond, which will make it even easier for wine lovers to identify the wine on the shelf, and also to discover the different versions of the wine (red, rosé, etc.) through the strong visual identity of the label.

Gradually we are introducing the new design across the world: eye-catching, classic – timeless, emphatic and with a strong presence on the shelf.