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Industria Licorera de Caldas


More than eight decades ago, a Catalonia born Cuban left his mark in the Andean mountains of Colombia. It was 1927 when the legendary Ramón Badiacreated Ron Viejo de Caldas. Today, Caldas Rum is the pride of Industria Licorera de Caldas, and by far the leading rum in Colombia. The brand’s premium quality -and superb taste-allowed the Caldas name to cross borders and oceans. America, Asia and Europe have all claimed their share of these fine aged rums.

Instead of molasses, the rums at Industria Licorera de Caldas are superbly made from pure sugar cane juice. After more than eighty years, Ramón Badia’s recipe is a jealously guarded secret, and continues to be meticulously followed.

After distillation, Caldas ages its rums in oak barrels. The rich wood quietly nurtures these spirits at more than 6,500 feet above sea level. Even the mountains help Ramón co-create these amazing rums by consistently providing the purest spring waters found on earth, and the ideal climate for perfect aging.

The complete process is methodically monitored to ensure the superior quality and taste that have earned these rums accolades around the world. In addition to medalist the San Francisco World Taste Competition, Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition, as well as multiple awards at the Brussels’ International Taste and Quality Institute.

Among other premium products, Industria Licorera de Caldas produces Cristal, the anis flavored rum considered to be an icon by Colombians everywhere. Cristal is also a favorite among Latin Americans and Anglos in the US market. Especially when used in the famous Mojito.

Industria Licorera de Caldas is a state owned enterprise. All profits go directly to fund education and health programs for the poor…another reason why the spirits of Caldas are a source of celebration in heaven, as well as on earth.