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JAJA is a small batch Tequila that brings laughter and celebration to family and friends. Thoughtfully crafted by Mexico’s best, JAJA Tequila is sweet and herbal — inspired by the lightness of free-spirited days and intimate nights.

While most luxury Tequila brands are distilled only twice, JAJA is triple-distilled and crafted using traditional processes, and no shortcuts. It starts with the finest Highland Agave which is cooked for 32 hours and then fermented for 72 hours. The triple distillation then brings a smooth and pleasant finish to JAJA.

JAJA Tequila is Eco-Friendly. From sourcing ingredients to sourcing materials for packaging, all touch points are considered, making JAJA a Tequila which is focused on being environmentally friendly, charitable and social. JAJA’s charitable component supports the preservation of the bat population in Jalisco and healthy working conditions for the jimadors.