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La Scolca


La Scolca 100 Year Anniversary Wine

What strikes coming to Tenuta La Scolca addition to an ancient Tower that dominates the house, is the pleasure in the atmosphere which is perceived: everything takes place with harmony and with punctuality that only well-tested mechanisms may show.

The estate La Scolca was taken over between 1917 and 1919 by the great-grandfather of Giorgio Soldati who leads today the company together with his daughter Chiara, the fifth generation shown to the third millennium. In ninety years of activity the passion for wine has turned into profession, but the passion for Gavi is not tailed off...

La Scolca Gavi Wine has become a Cult and has conquered the world, but has never betrayed its origins and its characteristics. The past and the future live together in this company that combines the best naturalness of who live in the world always with the speed of who look forward with the vision of courageous captains: never as in this case the name of the family “Soldiers” has a special symbolic meaning.

La Scolca stemmed from the name “Sfurca” or “Watch out” and the farmhouse that stood there in the past was just a lookout post. These names reflect the full proud and tenacious character of the owners and their wines.

In 1919, at the time of purchase, the land was used, in part, to produce grain and the rest was covered by forest. The Soldati family had a well-studied plan: to plant Cortese vineyards in an area traditionally used to cultivate only red grapes. The production soon became a major technical enterprise. La Scolca is the oldest company in the area for continuity of management by the same family. It is also the most modern.

La Scolca is therefore the oldest company in the area, for continuity of the management by the same family, but at the same time is the most modern. Giorgio Soldati has proved a valuable and innovative interpreter: he is the creator of wines and sparkling success without betraying loyalty to the “Gavi” region and to the vine kind. But the biggest challenge he has taken together with his daughter was to maintain the leadership over the years, strengthening the image and notoriety of La Scolca a throughout the World and keeping its philosophy to the highest quality possible.