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Viña San Pedro


When brothers Bonifacio and José Gregorio Correa Albano founded Viña San Pedro in 1865, they began to produce their first wines with local grape varieties, giving in effect birth to viticulture in the Curico Valley.

Soon afterwards, they brought clones of the classical varietals from Europe to replace those native species. Then, as their vineyards evolved and the high quality of their wines started to shine through, they began to ship their wines to the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan in 1940. This way, San Pedro was also one of the pioneering export companies in Chile. This winery has current shipments to more than 80 countries around the world.

This success is the result of several factors. Noteworthy among them, are the brands such as GatoNegro, 35˚South and Castillo de Molina, which has been massively introduced on several markets in America & Europe. Also, in the past years, non-traditional markets in Europe and Asia have been added to Viña San Pedro’s distribution network.

In every market where it is present, San Pedro’s focus is to have stable and close relationships with its importers and distributors and the best possible consumer knowledge. Thus, high quality and friendly brands and products have been created which completely satisfy the wishes and needs of wine lovers around the world.