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Capel Premium Double Distilled Pisco

The world's best-selling PISCO

Pisco Capel is a young and aromatic spirit produced from the distillation and filtration of Chilean wine. It is produced from selected Muscat grapes grown in the North of Chile, at altitudes of around 2000 meters above sea level. This unique terrior counts on over 350 days of sun a year and crystal clear waters that flow through the Andes Mountains.

Pisco Capel
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  • Tasting notes
    Tasting notes
    A transparent and bright product with a soft and elegant aroma reminiscent of azahar flowers, lime muscatel grapes with a hint of leeches. In the mouth it is smooth with a lime tone and medium body. The double distillation delivers great balance and subtle aromas.
  • Production Process
    Production Process
    The muscate grapes used to produce Pisco Capel are hand harvested and selected by aromatic values.


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