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Cardenal Mendoza Non Plus Ultra

Non Plus Ultra is distilled and aged in the traditional solera system, which is a continual blending process of the oldest brandies in American oak casks. By combining static and dynamic aging, Bodegas Sanchez Romate has managed to create the most unique and rarest of brandies which are outstanding in quality and contains an extraordinary taste and character.

Non Plus Ultra is presented in an exclusive handcrafted glass decanter.

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  • Type
    Type Sherry Brandy
  • Ageing
    Ageing 50+ years
  • Appearance
    Appearance Very dark mahogany, luminous, transparent, gleaming, exciting.
  • Aroma
    Aroma Very round, clean, elegant, distinguished, old Oloroso, with hints of raisins and plums.
  • Taste
    Taste Perfectly balanced, warm, very smooth, with traces of old mahogany, long after taste.

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