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Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Inspired by our families in every taste, you’ll find pudding at a noisy kitchen table, fruit-picking on a summer’s day, or the nostalgia of an old- fashioned sweet shop. Wonder-filled memories, bottled.

All of our gin liqueurs are made using the heart of our range, our Classic London Dry. Aromatic lemongrass and lavender balance the warmth of the ginger and sweetness of the rhubarb to create something extraordinary.

A sweet, highly perfumed, rhubarb-filled aroma on the nose followed by bright sweetness and a sharp tang, balanced with a pop of citrus on the palate. You’re left with a lingering warmth from the ginger, warm sweet and comfortingly familiar.

Pour long, pour short. Spritz with soda, or twist with a slice and lemonade.

Edinburgh Gin
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