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Fifty Pounds Gin Oak Cast

“London Dry Gin” is a term recognized by the EU as a method of producing Gin which consists of distilling a neutral alcohol (from molasses or grain), with only natural botanicals, without adding flavorings or colorings. The resulting Gin is a colorless liquor and is only produced from natural ingredients. Some Gins available on the market, due to their color or due to added flavorings, can only be labeled as “Gin”. 

Fifty Pounds Gin
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  • Ingredients
    Fifty Pounds incorporates “8+3” botanicals. The first eight are the classics: Juniper Angelica Root Coriander Liquorice Root Grains of Paradise Lemon Orange Rind Herb Savory The remaining three form the Fifty Pounds “secret recipe”. They are botanicals from across several continents, but if Thames Distillers told us any more, they’d have to kill us.
  • Tasting Notes
    Tasting Notes
    Fifty Pounds Long Dry Gin is a super-stylish gin, with smooth botanical a citrus floral notes rounded by a subtle tightness of palate, slight sweetness and gentle alcohol. It lands softly and at mid-weight in the mid-palate; there are no sharp edges save for little licks of herbal light and shade. Ideal as either a G&T or as a Martini base. It has enough character to keep even the most discerning Gin drinker interested.


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