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Liquore Strega

According to legend, in the city of Benevento where STREGA is made, witches used to disguise themselves as beautiful young maidens and mix a magic brew. When two people drank this potion, they were forever united. Today, it is still believed that if a couple drinks Strega together, they will never be far apart.

Born from the steam distillation in small pot stills of approximately 70 herbs and valuable spices from Europe, Central America and the Orient.

Perfectly natural product, it obtains its typical yellow color from the saffron added to the alcoholic infusion; then a long fermentation in oak vats concurs to the perfect balance of the aromas and contributes to the characteristic fine, smooth and soft taste.

Traditionally Liquore Strega is served as a digestive, in other words as an after dinner drink. Its blend of natural ingredients and unique production method create a liqueur that has the perfect elements and flavor for ending a meal.

Not only is Liquore Strega great served straight as an after dinner drink but it can also be enjoyed iced, added to coffee to create a “Café Royale, “or added to hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Liquore Strega is also an excellent component in an array of cocktails, such as the Strega Pink Witch that combines the liqueur with grapefruit juice and gin, and Cocktail Valentino, which is made from Strega, orange juice and Prosecco.

Liquore Strega also has a place in the kitchen. You can pour it over fresh fruit, your favorite ice cream or use it to make a cake.

Another delicious way to enjoy Liquore Strega is with Torrone Strega; traditional Italian Christmas nougat that is specially made with the liqueur, then is covered in dark chocolate. Strega Alberti, which is the company that produces Liquore Strega, also makes other confections that are made from not only the liqueur, but include ingredients such as fine chocolate, citrus fruits, pistachios, dried fruits sponge cake and ganache paste.

Liquore Strega
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