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Romate Solera Reserva Brandy

Sanchez Romate, established in 1781, is the world-renowned house for producing fine brandies and sherries. With the awakening interest of sherries across the country, Romate has increased its emphasis on exporting sherries to the U.S.

From the producers of the #1 Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jerez in the US, Cardenal Mendoza, comes a new Romate Solera Reserva Brandy.

Romate Solera Reserva Brandy is distilled in the distinctive solera cask system and aged two and half years in American oak casks, earning the title Reserva. It was created in the tradition of Cardenal Mendoza and also will carry the prestigious appellation Brandy de Jerez. It is smooth with a pleasant, oaky bouquet reminiscent of sherry. It is ideal served in the traditional brandy snifter as well as in cocktails.

Romate Solera Reserva was exclusively made for the Sanchez Romate Bodega as their cellar brandy. As it is customary in Jerez, Romate Brandy was especially available for friends and employees of Sanchez Romate. Since its popularity spread worldwide it is now being release in the United States under its cellar name, Romate Solera Reserva Brandy.

Cardenal Mendoza
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