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Alie Rose

Alìe, or “Halia”, is a figure from Greek mythology, a sea nymph and a symbol of sensuality and beauty. Alìe, an elegant rosé with a pale pink hue and subtle ruby highlights, is a stylish, beautifully-balanced blend of Syrah and Vermentino, varieties that express their finest qualities when grown near the sea. Scents of white flowers, wild strawberries and citrus peel combine with a hint of earthy minerality, typical of this growing area. With its delicate structure and lengthy, complex finish, Alìe is both an enchanting aperitif wine, as well as a delicious accompaniment to a meal shared with close friends and family.

Ammiraglia Estate
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  • Vintage Report
    Vintage Report
    The 2019 growing season varied greatly. After a cold, dry winter, the plants began growing very early, starting in March. The coldest and rainiest period in late spring slightly slowed down the growth of the vines and resulted in the water reserves being restored in preparation for what was to be a hot summer. When it came time to harvest the grapes, the vineyards were in excellent physiological shape. The favourable summer weather conditions resulted in very healthy grapes with excellent phenolic ripeness and exquisite aromas.
  • Estate and vineyard location:
    Estate and vineyard location:
    Tuscan Maremma
  • Variety
    Syrah, with a touch of Vermentino
  • Alcohol by volume
    Alcohol by volume
  • Tasting Notes
    Tasting Notes
    Alìe 2019 stands out for its extreme sensuality. Its pale pink colour with peach nuances immediately expresses its intriguing personality. The sharp and unmistakable bouquet melds with the fragrances of fresh and ripe fruit. Salted notes return on the palate. Flavour and freshness are well balanced, with Alìe 2019’s persistence making it an elegant, fine wine.
  • Serving Suggestions
    Serving Suggestions
    Alìe partners beautifully with smoked fish, particularly salmon, as well as with prosciutto, lighter meats, poultry and fish. It is particularly recommended with well-spiced dishes and Asian cuisine.
  • Awards
    2018: JS 90, WE 87. 2017: JS 90, WE 88, WA 87

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