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Ammiraglia Syrah

Ammiraglia’s first vintage was in 2006. Made from one hundred per cent Syrah grapes grown in limestone-clay soils rich in pebble and rock, its soul is the most Mediterranean of all of the Frescobaldi estates. It is an emphatic, full-bodied wine boasting impressive, well-ripened fruit and pungent spice.

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  • Vintage Report
    Vintage Report Plant growth at the Ammiraglia Estate began in the first days of April, approximately 15 days late compared to 2012. Beginning in the middle of July temperatures realigned to seasonal averages. The grapes developed in a dry climate, making the most of the water reserves stored in the soil over the previous seasons. August was particularly sunny without, however, excessively hot temperatures. The first week of the month, the hottest in the year, coincided with the beginning of the veraison. In August, the sun and heat brought on an excellent ripening of the grapes. In September, due in great part to great day-night temperature variations and the lack of significant rainfall, the grapes ripened with rich quantities of aromatic and polyphenolic compounds and proved to be in perfect health.
  • Estate and vineyard location
    Estate and vineyard location Tenuta Ammiraglia
  • Variety
    Variety Syrah
  • Alcohol by volume
    Alcohol by volume 14%
  • Tasting Notes
    Tasting Notes Crystal clear, Ammiraglia 2013 is intense ruby red in colour with light scarlet hues. The wine initially presents itself with a bouquet of fresh berries such as blackberries and blackcurrants followed by summer fruit scents of plums and bitter cherries, which then leave space to the spiced nuances of vanilla, chocolate and liquorice. In the mouth, the wine is soft, revealing perfectly balanced tannins. Fresh and balanced, Ammiraglia 2013 is savoury and displays a persistent and pleasantly fruity finish.
  • Serving suggestions
    Serving suggestions Ideally paired with grilled and stewed red meats and game, and with medium- and well-aged cheeses.


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