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Castiglioni Chianti

Favourable soil and climate mean that Chianti Castiglioni is a perfect reflection of the characteris-tics of the land – a soft and pleasantly fruity wine noted for its well-defined personality

Castiglioni Estate
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  • Vintage Report
    Vintage Report
    Winter 2018 on the Castiglioni Estate saw substantial rainfall, with some snow at the beginning of March, which guaranteed abundant water reserves for the summer period. During the spring sea-son there was an alternation of warm, sunny and cool, damp days. The plants reacted with a consistent and luxurious development of shoots and beautiful flowering. With the arrival of the sum-mer, rainfall decreased during the warm and sunny months of July and August. In September, the almost complete absence of rain and the presence of a significant northerly wind enabled the grapes to ripen in a particularly dry climate, leading to considerable levels of concentration.
  • Estate and vineyard location
    Estate and vineyard location
    The Chianti area
  • Variety
    Sangiovese, Merlot
  • Alcohol by volume
    Alcohol by volume
  • Tasting Notes
    Tasting Notes
    Chianti Castiglioni 2018 features a beautiful ruby-red colour with elegant purple hues. Delightful fruity notes immediately emerge on the nose: cherry, blackcurrant and raspberry. Floral and fra-grant notes such as violet make an appearance later on. On the palate, Chianti Castiglioni is lively, soft and enveloping. The finish is long and persistent, with the aftertaste confirming the fruity aromas previously detected on the nose.
  • Serving suggestions
    Serving suggestions
    Full-flavoured dishes such as pappardelle pasta in a meat sauce, as well as roast chicken, sautéed beef with vegetables, and medium-aged cheeses.
  • Awards
    2018: WE 88, JS 89. 2017: JS 89, WA 87. 2016: JS 89, WE 88


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