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Danzante Prosecco

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  • Terroir
    Terroir Prosecco grapes grown in the hills of Treviso, particularly in Valdobbiadene and in Conegliano
  • Varietal Mix
    Varietal Mix 100% Prosecco • 5.70 g/l total acidity • 3.38 ph • 14.5 g/l residual sugar • 11% alcohol
  • Colour
    Colour White
  • Palate
    Palate Extra dry style, with a long-lingering cascade of pin-point bubbles that create a rich, lively mousse in the glass. Velvet smooth and intensely fruity, with a crisp, appealing palate, and beautifully balanced.
  • Menu Suggestions
    Menu Suggestions Serving temperature: 6-8 °C. Ideal as a pre-dinner drink, it perfectly accompanies any social situation

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