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Danzante Rose

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  • Terroir
    Terroir Danzante reflects both the beauty of the most elegant of the arts and the passion of Italian winemaking. This wine shows the harmony and light touch of inspired ballet along with the freshness and character of the soils it comes from. This refreshing Rosè surprises with scents of flowers, wood berries and green apple as well as sweet spices
  • Vintage
    Vintage Danzante Rosè is sourced from Veneto, a region in the northeast of Italy. The red grape’s varieties are typical of Custoza’s area near Verona. This place is harmonized with rolling hill, with a cool climate but mitigated by the warm stream of the Adriatic’s sea, this region allows to fully express of potential of the aromas of the grapes, resulting in a wine that reveals intense perfumes and a silky
  • Vinification
    Vinification The grapes were hand-selected at optimum ripeness in September and gently pressed to retain the delicacy in the wine. The juice was then cool-fermented at 17,5°C (63,5F) for about 18 days
  • Maturing
    Maturing Aged for 4 months to enhance the complexity. To ensure acidity and crispness, malolactic fermentation was not performed. The wine was aged in stainless steel, not oak, as it is designed to be consumed while young and fresh
  • Varietal Mix
    Varietal Mix 5.55 g/l total acidity • 3.38 ph • 3.4 g/l residual sugar • 12% alcohol
  • Menu Suggestions
    Menu Suggestions Serving Temperature: 50-55 degrees


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