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The Tenuta Castiglioni, the Frescobaldi family’s oldest estate, brought forth, in 1999, Giramonte, a rare and exclusive Cru. The qualities of its soil, an ideal microclimate, and rigorous selection of the fruit ensure, year after year, extraordinary consistency of quality. The result is a wine of great richness and intensity, silksmooth, and with an almost endless progression and finish.

Castiglioni Estate
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  • Vintage Report
    Vintage Report
    2013 distinguished itself for a particularly wet spring that guaranteed ideal coolness to the soil during the following months. Summer in Castiglioni began the third week of June, with temperatures rising up to 30°C. The temperature difference between night and day continued throughout July, promoting a generous development of the plants, which is key for both the ripening of the fruit and the development of polyphenols in the skins.
  • Estate and vineyard location
    Estate and vineyard location
    Tenuta Castiglioni, Comune di Montespertoli
  • Variety
    Merlot and little part of Sangiovese
  • Alcohol by volume
    Alcohol by volume
  • Tasting Notes
    Tasting Notes
    The wine’s colour is a bright and very intense ruby red. Complex to the nose, Giramonte possesses notes of blueberries and ripe blackberries that leave ample room for aromas of thyme, coffee, and dark chocolate. In the mouth, the wine introduces itself with dense and silky tannins, and finishes with persistent toasted hazelnuts and coffee tertiary aromas that bequeath a pleasantly intense sensation
  • Serving suggestions
    Serving suggestions
    Ideal with all roasts, grills, and barbecues, and with sautéed fillets of beef, but try it with delicate cheeses as well.
  • Awards
    2014: JS 93, WS 92, WE 92, WA 89


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