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Pomino Pinot Nero

Pomino Pinot Noir is a wine of surpassing elegance. Delicate fragrances of dark cherry and wild strawberry meld together with floral notes of sweet violets.

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  • Vintage Report
    Vintage Report The 2015 growing season was favourable to all Castello Pomino vineyards. The grapevines awoke from their winter slumber in during the middle of April. Compared to 2014, the two months which separate the budding from the flowering seasons saw less rain, but higher pressure and average temperatures. All of these elements contributed to the creation of a healthy microclimate notable for its low humidity. The flowering phase took place during the first week in June and was over very quickly due to the high temperatures that announced a long, hot summer. Rain was scarce during July and the first half of August, and temperatures never fell below 31°C. During the last weeks of August, which saw evening temperatures fall, sweet fragrances started to concentrate within the Pinot Nero grapes, which were picked by hand at the beginning of September to maintain their aromas as intact as possible.
  • Estate and vineyard location
    Estate and vineyard location Castello di Pomino, Pomino, Rùfina
  • Variety
    Variety Pinot nero
  • Alcohol by volume
    Alcohol by volume 12.5%
  • Tasting Notes
    Tasting Notes Pomino Pinot Nero 2015 is bright garnet red in colour. To the nose the wine is an explosion of fruity aromas with a prevalence of cassis and brandied cherries and blackberries and persistent toasted and chocolate notes. In the mouth, the wine is soft and velvety with a pleasant reminder of small, red fruits that leave way to memories of liquorice and mediterranean herbs such as thyme. Pomino Pinot Nero is a wine to be treasured; a long refinement in bottle will surely open-up the wine’s aromas even more.
  • Serving suggestions
    Serving suggestions Pastas with meat sauces, stews and casseroles.


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