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Sartori Recioto della Val Policella

Sartori di Verona is a 4th generation family winery driven by a profound love for their city of Verona. For over a century, Sartori has made wines that respect local tradition yet embrace innovation. Ownership in premium vineyards allows for control from vineyard to bottle with a steadfast focus on quality.

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  • Soil
    Soil Clay and limestone
  • Production Technique
    Production Technique Grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard and harvested in small cases. The grapes are then dried in dry and well-ventilated rooms. Upon reaching the ideal state of dryness they are crushed and placed in stainless steel fermentation tanks. A slow fermentation extends through late in the spring and leaves just the right amount of residual sugar that sets this wine apart. The wine is then aged in large oak casks for only six months and then in bottle for another two months before release.
  • Bouquet
    Bouquet Red in colour with violet reflections. A bouquet of rich ripe fruit.
  • Taste
    Taste Pleasantly sweet, round flavours on the palate.
  • Food Pairing
    Food Pairing Ideal with desserts like almond torte, short-crust pastries, and biscotti.


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