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Sartori Limoncello

Sartori di Verona is a 4th generation family winery driven by a profound love for their city of Verona. For over a century, Sartori has made wines that respect local tradition yet embrace innovation. Ownership in premium vineyards allows for control from vineyard to bottle with a steadfast focus on quality.

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  • Production Technique
    Production Technique Infusion of lemon peel from select lemons in pure alcohol for 21 days. Then carefully blended with a simple syrup to attain a perfect counterpoint of sweet and tart fl avors.
  • Bouquet
    Bouquet Haunting fragrance of ripe lemons.
  • Taste
    Taste Elegant tartness complemented by a hint of sweetness.
  • Food Pairing
    Food Pairing Served cold, it is delightfully refreshing either after dinner, or as an intermezzo between courses. It is also a delicious enhancer of ice cream and sorbets, and can be a versatile addition to cocktails.


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