Back Office

Shaw-Ross’s suppliers benefit from the full-service capabilities of its Commercial and Back Office Teams.

Although the vast majority of Shaw-Ross’ suppliers utilize their full-service model including the expertise of their Commercial Team, some suppliers require an alternative route to market. In these instances, Shaw-Ross offers their Back Office services independently.

The Back Office team handles the following services:

Logistics and Importation Customs Clearance

Shaw-Ross manages their supplier partners’ logistic requirements, including ocean freight, importation, and customs clearance. Shaw-Ross coordinates inland freight and distributor collection from their warehouses and handles direct importation to distributors where appropriate.

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Shaw-Ross manages supplier-owned inventory stored under the Shaw-Ross account at the Jillamy, PA, stateside warehouse. The supplier must possess Federal Basic Permit to ensure compliance with owning stateside inventory.

Compliance and Price-Filing

Shaw-Ross has a dedicated compliance department to apply for TTB COLAs, and register brands in all applicable states under the Shaw-Ross license or its affiliates where necessary. Shaw-Ross’ pricing department price files brands in open and control states requiring regular postings and filing.

Accounting and Billing

Shaw-Ross invoices distributors and collects payments, processing and paying distributor charge-back invoices in a timely fashion. Shaw-Ross also consolidates distributor invoices and streamlines the accounts receivable process for their supplier partners.

Information Technology

Shaw-Ross suppliers receive comprehensive monthly shipment and depletion reports by state, ensuring their ability to keep a finger on the pulse of their US business. Additionally, Shaw-Ross’ warehouses are equipped with EDI integration, which allows for accuracy and efficiency across the supply chain.


If you are interested in taking advantage of our Back Office services, please contact us today.