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The heart of the Sartori family’s innovation has always been its ability to blend dreams and modern tastes with the authentic essence of Veronese wine culture.

Family Sartori has an indissoluble bond with the history and beauty of Verona and its wine culture. “This region was once covered by an ancient sea. You can still find shell fossils as you walk through the vineyards. We preserve the essence of the region, blending our dreams with the minerality and fragrances of this landscape,” says Andrea Sartori. Like his grandfather and great grandfather, he is dedicated to the classic Veronese grape varieties and styles. Authentic regional wines are elegantly reinterpreted and personalized to meet the tastes of consumers, first locally and now around the world. ​

President and CEO, Andrea Sartori

Andreas’s great grandfather Pietro purchased his first vineyard in Negrar to supply the family trattoria with wine in 1898. The company evolved to become not only a producer, but merchant and exporter of wines. A turning point came in the year 2000 when the Sartori family partnered with Cantina Sociale di Colognola. Sartori’s expertise in distribution and marketing unites with Cologna’s production capacity to bring the quintessence of “Made in Verona, Italy” to tables around the world. Sartori now exports 80 % of its wines to over 70 countries throughout Europe, North and South America, Russia, China and Southeast Asia.

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Sartori Family wines are produced from vineyards of Sartori partner growers in the heart of the Veneto meant to be shared with friends and family on every occasion.

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