Fifty Pounds Gin

Fifty Pounds Gin is our name not our price! The result is a London Dry Gin that spans the centuries and allows us the liberty to describe Fifty Pounds Gin as historic in essence, modern in spirit.
From the botanicals used to the method of production and bottling Fifty Pounds Gin pays tribute to London’s rich gin history.

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Tasting Notes

A genuine English small batch distilled gin where the careful selection and a perfect combination of its natural ingredients give this gin an exceptional smoothness.


Fifty Pounds Gin is colourless in appearance “water white”, if you will – with spirit tails on the side of the glass.


classic in character, with a predominant bouquet of juniper and coriander, balanced by its citrus and spice notes


smooth but complex, opening with juniper, but followed by the citrus constituents, and a hint of spice and earthiness

Drawn from gin’s historical background, the Fifty Pounds Gin profile works extremely well with both classic and modern cocktail recipes.

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