iichiko Silhouette

iichiko Silhouette is the traditional expression of shochu and Japan’s #1 shochu brand. Lighter and eminently drinkable, Silhouette pairs well with a wide range of cuisines and is traditionally enjoyed with food, at 25% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Silhouette is enjoyed straight or on the rocks; served with water (both cold and hot); served in a chu-hi (or shochu highball) mixed with soda and fruit juice; or served with oolong tea or matcha tea. Silhouette can also be a versatile base for low-alcohol cocktails.

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Tasting Notes

Soft, subtleand welcoming aromas of ripe banana, cantaloupe, white peach and cherry. The fruit forward notes or exact enough to be level by fragrant floral accents like cherry blossom, and lavender. On the palate the shochu is gentle and unobtrusive.


Clear and Crisp


Fairly aromatic. A Lemon zest quality takes center stage. Other notes include lychee, white peach, white flowers, mint, thyme, steamed grains, and almond.


Light-bodied with a soft impact. It has a slightly sweet impression with a lean and bright finish.

Perfect for pairing with noodles, sashimi, or seafood.

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