Løs Sundays Coconut

This un-aged clear tequila is double distilled from a blend of highland agave offering smooth floral notes and lowland agave which lend earthier undertones. This blending technique provides a full bodied blanco with multiple layers of agave.

The Løs Sundays Coconut takes a custom blend of 100% Blue Weber Agave and infuses it with all-natural coconut extract during the last few hours of the distillation process, giving Løs Sundays Coconut its signature smooth finish.

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Double Gold
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Tasting Notes

This expression has a sugar free natural extract added to the last part of the distillation process that results in a traditional blanco with a subtle coconut finish that is easy on the nose and light on the taste buds.


Clear and Crisp


Subtle notes of Coconut


Light with a subtle coconut finish

Looking to up your Margarita repertoire? The perfect gateway to tequila, Los Sunday's Coconut is a great option for any traditional tequila cocktail.

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