Pusser’s Blue Label British Navy Rum

Pusser’s Blue Label (42% ABV) is a Royal Navy style rum bottled in accordance with the Admiralty’s blending recipe last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.

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Double Gold
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Tasting Notes

Pusser’s Rum Blue Label is a world class, award-winning aged dark rum. As the original rum of the Royal Navy, this Admiralty approved blend originates from stills in Guyana and is heavily influenced by wooden pot stills – the signature of the Royal Navy. Originating in the 1700s, these wooden pot stills remain in operation to this day, producing flavors unmatched by modern metal column stills. Pusser’s Rum is rich and aromatic with a full bodied, versatile flavor and complex nose


dark amber


Classic Demerara sugar, molasses, dried fruits, island spices, and caramel


Full, round and perfect for cocktails

With its smoky and sweet flavor tones and a huge degree of versatility, Pusser's has been a staple among spirit connoisseurs. Pusser's rum is versatile but it is best enjoyed in the Pusser's Painkiller.

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