Sheep Dip Scotch Whisky

Sheep Dip Whisky harks back to an era when farmers distilled their ‘homeade’ whisky and hid it in barrels marked ‘sheep dip’ to avoid paying tax to the revenue man. Farmers’ merchants continued the rule bending tradition by entering cases of whisky as ‘sheep dip’ on the farmers’ bills, continuing to pull the wool over the eyes of the tax man.

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Tasting Notes

A great whisky made from 16 malt whiskies aged from 8 to 21 years. Jim Murray describes Sheep Dip as young and sprightly. Great retro packaging too. The only thing is, the picture of the sheep on the bottle doesn’t actually look like a sheep, it actually looks like an angry spaniel with horns.


Golden honey


Distinct barely sugar sweetness and essential blended scotch hint of smoke


Slightly leathery, fudge and vanilla. Warming finish with a puff of smoke.

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Enjoy Sheep Dip neat, with a splash of water or over ice. This whisky also mixes beautifully, and makes a fine cocktail ingredient.

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